Summer is Coming! Beware of Seizures!

What a longggg winter we had! Being from New Orleans I was NOT used to this crazy snow and ice here in Dallas this past winter. We literally stayed in the teens and 20s from December to almost March!! Talk about a royal pain. This week at work for our monthly meeting, I was asked to give the safety moment. I talked about summer safety. LIGHT BULB! Let me tell my epilepsy community to keep their butts safe this summer hehe! Now lets transition from Winter to Summer. For Spring never happened…in Texas.

A couple of times the temperature did climb above freezing which did allow the ice to melt and gave us some relief. But I noticed something strange. My body didn’t seem right. One, I did get sick a few times which is so not me. I usually NEVER get sick! Fever getting to 103, coughing, runny nose but never got the flu. Thank God! With my seizure meds, couldn’t take over the counter meds so it was all natural baby! With the sudden change in temperature my auras would increase which meant I had an increase in seizure activity. Now I’ve done my homework and never really quite put it together yet but could the weather quite possibly have an effect on brain activity? I did notice with my Topamax medication, when the temperature dropped, my hands would get that pins and needles feeling early in the morning. Soon as the early morning cold air hits then BAM I’m hurting. While it lasted for about an hour it was still quite painful.

Now after the dreaded winter we are finally warming up! Yea Dallas, TX we got 3 days of spring and we are in the 90 degree weather yay us *side-eye*. I pay close attention to seizure triggers and try to avoid them at all cost if I can. If you haven’t read my blog on triggers, I’ll post a link at the end of this one. Heat is a major trigger. I’ve been in TX for 3 years now and temps have gotten as high as 115 degrees! That’s dangerous for anyone and can definitely send your seizures in a frenzy. My neurologist warned me early last summer to pay attention to any changes in my body when it came to being outdoors. I noticed in the heat of the day (midday) double vision, dizziness, my auras, and some times even the seizures. Putting it all together the vision changes were my new auras. While we love fun in the sun we have to be mindful that safety comes first for EVERYONE!

To make sure I keep my seizures managed while living my life and enjoying summer I will keep the following checklist:

1. Stay hydrated drink plenty of WATER!
2. Do most of your busy activity in the morning or evening if possible
3. Try indoor water parks or limit outdoor activity
4. Always take your meds on schedule!! yea I need to stick to this too uh I’m still human I forget
5. If you feel that you need a break then stop and TAKE A BREAK. Don’t try to push yourself. Listen to your body.

I can say all of these tips because I’m guilty of failing at all of the above. I found myself almost passing out a few times last summer. I think I almost gave my neurologist a heart attack a couple of times as well. This year I’m prepared! You should be too. If you need emergency help always call 911 or consult your doctor. Be wise, have fun and stay safe!! Don’t forget the sunscreen 🙂

Find more seizure triggers here The Infamous Seizure Triggers

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  1. This makes sense. I was a little dizzy, but usually I know to rest & take things slow. I wasn’t stressed. I was making cards and all of a sudden I was drenched with sweat! I could not stop sweating. My room was hot, but I just thought well the summer time Texas heat was coming so I better get used to it. I had the worse seizure I ever had. My vision has been doubled ever since and has not come back. I am so worried it will not come back. My body is exhausted of course. I sleep all day. The episode happened Thursday & I am still having problems with my vision. I am just worried it will stay like this. I thank you so much for your help. I love you for always being here for me & God Bless you for all you do. Thank you for putting all the triggers up. I know I have seen them before, but now I have printed them so I have a reference to always look at since this is still new to me. Lots of love, Lisa.

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