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April 2018

Join us in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, April 14, 2018, as we gather to create awareness, raise funds to support research and services, and celebrate our community together.

Register today  2018 National Walk for Epilepsy – Team Changing Focus

Featured Articles 


In late December 2016, Whit’s blog “Why I Started Speaking Up about My Epilepsy” was featured on The Mighty website. The Mighty believes in publishing real stories by real people facing real challenges. They firmly believe that having a disability or disease doesn’t have to be isolating. This is a community we can get behind!

Check out the article here Why I Started Speaking Up About My Epilepsy


This January, Whit collaborated with Healthsparq for their #whatthehealthcare campaign. At HealthSparq, their mission is “helping people make smarter health care choices”. People sometimes feel as if they don’t always have choices in health care. They are, more often than not, victims of the system. #whatthehealthcare is for all of us who have had a ridiculous, frustrating, absurd, illogical, funny, or choice-less experience in health care.  Whit discusses how doctors and providers can effectively understand their patients, and not make them feel as if their illness or concerns are invalid. We have a choice!

Check out the article here 3 Tips to Better Understand Your Patient


Interview for

lifescript is a website dedicated to women’s health. The site inspires women to be proactive about their health (and lives) and helps them build a support network of experts and other users.

I was contacted by a journalist who contributes to Lifescript, for an interview about my life with epilepsy, catamenial seizures and Changing Focus. The article is titled “No Hormonal Fluctuations, No Epilepsy Seizures”. You can also find a link to my Women, Hormones..Seizures?! blog inside the article.

Here’s the link below to get you on over to the article!
Click me! “No Hormonal Fluctuations, No Epilepsy Seizures”

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