Cold & Flu Season + Epilepsy

Hello Fall! The seasons have changed so of course that means the weather is forever changing. I know here in Dallas and back home in New Orleans, one day it can be in the 90s and the next day in the 40s. Temperatures drop and go back up so dramatically it takes absolutely nothing to get sick. But this can be such a hazard to not just a typically healthy person, but also someone living with epilepsy. Before you read anything else..CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR BEFORE ADJUSTING ANYTHING! Carry on!

I’m often called a germaphob because I’m constantly disinfecting everything! It’s only for my own safety. Also because some people are just rude and don’t do simple things like wash their hands or cover their mouth when coughing or sneezing. If you are dealing with seizures like me, you may understand the “not being able to take over-the-counter medicine”. Yep that’s right, I can’t just go to the local drug store and pick up Theraflu or anything like that to knock out cold or flu like symptoms. The active ingredients such as acetaminophen does not mix well with my seizure medication and can actually cause my seizure activity to increase. Talk about a catch 22 right? I sometimes believe I need my own little bubble (everybody tells me this).


When I get sick with the common cold or flu its basically one of the worse things ever. I have to notify my doctor because we have to monitor my fever in case it does not break. In the event it does not break I MUST go to the emergency room so they can pump me with fluids. The last 2 times I have gotten sick it was a crazy battle from 101 to 104 temps. How did I win the battle? The good old liquid flush! Gatorade, Water, Tea and honey, popsicles and lots of rest. Now I already see my doctor more than I see my family throughout the year for regular doctor visits, so I try not to see that office for anything EXTRA! And who wants to pay co-pays for the ER uh not me, no thank you! So it’s very important you take extra care of yourself people.

Since changing my lifestyle and switching over to Clean Eating there has been a lot of changes from the inside out. I tend to stay away from processed foods, white foods (rice, potatoes) things like that. Everything is fresh! I love the farmers market! I get tons of fruits, veggies and grains from there. I have also cut out beef and I rarely eat pork. That’s right you would rarely see me eating bacon lol!!! I am always trying new recipes and new ways to cook things so food does not become boring. This has definitely helped A LOT! You would be surprised with the amount of energy I have also gained from this. My body is actually happy with what I am feeding it so its being good to me.

Another thing that helps with trying to keep the colds to a minimum is taking vitamins. I mentioned in a previous post, “Side Effects: I Could Do Without Them!”, that I take some vitamins to help with side effects from my seizure meds. They have also helped in this area as well. Don’t laugh but I take a chewable kids multivitamin on top of Vitamin C, D and biotin. Ok why a kids vitamin? Well because it taste good and it has echinacea, works wonders. Adult vitmains tastes like tar ugh. What does tar taste like? I don’t know but I imagine its gross lol! If you want some awesome ways to live healthy and get some amazing eats, connect with Live Out Loud for Epilepsy! Follow on Instagram LOL4epilepsy

What works for me probably won’t work for everyone else. So always, ALWAYS talk to your doctor before trying anything. Don’t say Whitney told you to try all this because I didn’t okay :p. Remember be good to your body and it will be good to you. Stay safe! Brace yourself, Winter is coming!

With Love,

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  1. Great information! I just started my post about flu season. Of course you are the specialist in Epilepsy. I have shared on all my social media pages! Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebooks, Google+, I will post a link on my flu season post also, if thats ok. Lots & lots of love to you! Let’s please not get ill this season. BTW, I have been having more seizures lately, but I have fallen off the wagon with my low carb diet. I really do think the 2 correlate. I’ll get back on it. Just going through a little spell. Let me know if it’s ok to link your blog. Lisa

    1. Thanks Lisa! Of course that’s okay to link it! Never a problem with me. Thanks for sharing as well. Yea if you notice an increase in seizure activity after a certain change you made, definitely readjust also notify your doc if nothing changes. Be safe love!

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