Burnout and Epilepsy: How I Was Forced to Take a Break!

You have permission to rest. You are not responsible for fixing everything that is broken. You do not have to try and make everyone happy. For now, take time for you. It’s time to replenish. -Unknown

If anyone tells you that you deserve a vacation or you need a break, LISTEN TO THEM. For so long, I’d ignore people when they would tell me to rest, take it easy, take a real vacation. I’d take a few days off from my 9-to-5 and call it “vacation”. Suddenly, the empty pages of my planner would fill-up with other things from blogging, to catching up with social media trends, events, a trip to New Orleans (where I am from), and yet, I was back to being overwhelmingly…busy. Replacing “work” with “busyness” is not a healthy swap, it just opens the door for more stress, more exhaustion and yes, more headaches. I am usually the one telling folks  “you have to disconnect in order to reconnect.” So it was time to finally hush up and listen to myself. I also had to learn, if someone offers you help, take it.

A break from blogging?! From Changing Focus? I actually didn’t notice, but I have been taking summer breaks over the past couple of years. Hmm I probably should pay attention to myself LOL! As a previous blog post mentioned “You cannot pour from an empty cup, take care of yourself first.” Check out the post here-(Practicing Self-Care). I was literally burning out. You cannot successfully manage every area of your life at a full 100% 24/7. Something will lack, something will fail, something or someone will feel neglected. You know what, its okay. You CANNOT give it your all if you are running on empty. But, whats not okay is if you do not take the time to refill your cup.

That was me. Trying to play superwoman but not taking the time to recharge my powers. Then add on top of that living with a chronic illness, your health starts to go downhill. Even though I was taking my meds as prescribed, I was not taking care of the rest of me, my mental, emotional spiritual and physical health. Those are important too. So a decision had to be made. Its time to cut back on some things. Refill, recharge, and refocus so that you can become the leader, the advocate, you see in yourself. You are no good to anyone else if you are not taking care of you.

If anyone is walking around as if they are at 100, 100% of the time, ask them what are they neglecting to get there. Faking the funk is just as exhausting. While its so hard to be vulnerable with you guys, I know its needed. To show you the journey is not easy but it is just that, a journey. It has its ups and downs, but as long as you continue to move forward, you will make it. So what did I do? I shut Changing Focus down for a few months, I was not active on any of my Social Media accounts for a while. I stepped away from a few other personal activities, walked away from a relationship ( that was like getting a brand new glass all together lol), got my spiritual focus adjusted(without that fix, everything else was bound to crumble) and then I did it.. I went on a vacation.

My girls and I took a vacation to Hawaii. We spent a couple of days in Honolulu and a few days in Maui. By far, the best girls trip ever! I literally recharged, refocused, became one with nature, myself and rediscovered my purpose. There were no hurried moments. No deadlines to meet, no need to check emails or see what was happening in the news. Life, the present moment was happening and I did not want to miss it. Just fresh air and the ocean. Honestly thought someone would need to send for me!

Now that I am back in Dallas, I am so focused, so ready for what the future holds.  I can get back to what I truly love. Changing Focus ūüėČ During the time of recharging, I learned balance and boundaries. How to balance all of the different areas of my life and set boundaries so I’m not overloaded and burning out. Stress is down which means seizures are too. My advice to my readers, be intentional about your rest. No matter if you have an illness or not, a mom or not, in Corporate America or not, slow down..take a break..breathe. The world will not crumble if you do that, but you will if you don’t. If you are a planner then schedule “Me Time” every day. You are no good to anyone else if you are running on empty. The world needs what you have to offer, make sure you are here to give it!

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